• Congratulations to the 2022-2023 SAAS Visiting Professors!
  • Lily Cheng, MD is the recipient of the 2022 SAAS Junior Faculty Award!
  • Vivek Pamulapati, MD is the recipient of the 2022 Esther Tsai Sugg Award for the highest scoring SAAS abstract to the Academic Surgical Congress!
  • Romeo Ignacio MD, Chee-Chee Stucky MD, and Hop Tran Cao MD are the recipients of the 2022 SAAS – SUS Mid Career Award!
  • Calvin Chao, MD, is the recipient of the 2022 SAAS Resident/Fellow Development Scholarship!
  • Jaewon Lee is the winner of the 2022 SAAS Annual Meeting Travel Award!
  • Romeo Ignacio, MD is the recipient of the SAAS – SUS Leadership Agility Program Scholarship!

Donor Circle


Yuman and Nicole Fong
Paul Kuo, MD
Susan Tsai, MD
Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH



Suresh Agarwal, MD
Herb Chen, MD
Dev Desai, MD, PhD
Yuman and Nicole Fong (Kui and Wai Fong Lectureship)
Paul Kuo, MD (Kuo Family Lectureship)
Nipun Merchant, MD
Kenric Murayama, MD
Ken Tanabe, MD
Susan Tsai, MD, MHS
Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH (SAAS-SUS Leadership Development Scholarship)
Allan Tsung, MD
Kasper Wang, MD
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH (SAAS-SUS Mid-Career Award)
George Yang, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic Department of Surgery


Suresh Agarwal, MD (Sudha and Suresh Agarwal Visiting Professorship)
Nita Ahuja, MD, MBA (JNS Ahuja Visiting Professorship)
Hasan Alam, MD (Alam Family Visiting Professorship)
Syed Amad MD
Edward Auyang, MD
Prabhakar Baliga, MD
Karl Bilimoria, MD
Tejal Brahmbhatt, MD
Hop Tran Cao, MD
Herb Chen, MD (Hong Mo and Hsi Mei Chen Visiting Professorship)
Mike Chen, MD
Nancy Cho, MD
Daniel Chu, MD, MSPH (Ten Chao and Chen Hu Chu Visiting Professorship)
Danny Chu, MD
Dev Desai, MD
Sophie Dream, MD
Vikas Dudeja, MD
Quan Duh, MD (Lenna Saranti Visiting Professorship)
Annabelle Fonseca, MD
John Fung, MD, PhD (Sui-An and Shu-Nung Fung Family Visiting Professorship)
Samir Gadepalli, MD, MBA
Ankush Gosain, MD, PhD
Krista Haines, DO, MA
Romeo Ignacio, Jr, MD
Anai Kothari, MD, MS
Jayleen Grams, MD (George Yang, MD, PhD Visiting Professorship)
Marybeth Hughes, MD
Haejin In, MD, MPH
Emad Kandil, MD, MBA
Lillian Kao, MD (Mark and Lenore Kao Visiting Professorship)
Mary Killackey, MD
Jennifer Kuo, MD
Eugene S. Kim, MD
Clifford Ko, MD
Tien Ko, MD (Teh Ling and Yu Chen Ko Visiting Professorship)
Kevin Koo, MD. MPH
Lindsay Kuo, MD, MBA
Paul Kuo, MD (Kuo Family Visiting Professorship)
David Kwon, MD
Cheong J. Lee, MD
James A. Lee, MD
Leonard Lee, MD
Sharon and Ken Lee, MD
Alexander Leung, MD
Linda Li, MD
Michael Liang, MD
Michael Longaker, MD
Jessica Liu McMullin, MD
Sharon Lum, MD
Nipun Merchant, MD (Merchant-Chodha Family Visiting Professorship)
Kenric Murayama, MD (Murayama Family Visiting Professorship)
Sameer Patel, MD
Snehal Patel, MD
Timothy Pawlik, MD, PhD, MPH
Erika Rangel, MD and Shawn Rangel, MD
Shimul Shah, MD, MHCM (University of Cincinnati Visiting Professorship)
Connie Shao, MD
Wen Shen, MD
Eric Sheu, MD
David Shibata, MD
Chee-Chee Stucky, MD
Sonia L. Sugg, MD (Esther Tsai Sugg SAAS Research Award)
Insoo Suh, MD
Ken Tanabe, MD (Dr. Masato and Miyeko Tanabe Visiting Professorship)
Julia Tchou, MD (Tchou and McGovern Visiting Professorship)
Arul Thirumoorthi, MD
Greg Tiao, MD (University of Cincinnati Visiting Professorship)
Susan Tsai, MD, MHS (Helen F. Tsai Visiting Professorship)
Ching-Wei Tzeng, MD
Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH (Raymond and Rose Tseng Visiting Professorship)
Allan Tsung, MD (Pei-Nan and Lita Tsung Visiting Professorship)
Thomas Varghese, Jr, MD, MS
Kasper Wang, MD
Thomas Wang, MD (Peter and Meilin Wang Visiting Professorship)
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH (Wen-Hain Wang Visiting Professorship)
Minna Wieck, MD
Sandra Wong, MD, MS (James and Linda Wong Visiting Professorship)
Russell Woo, MD
James Wu, MD
Anthony Yang, MD
George Yang, MD (Mike and Faye Yang Visiting Professorship)
Michael Yeh, MD
Jessica Zagory, MD

City of Hope Department of Surgery
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
The University of Colorado Department of Surgery

Institutional Sponsors

Yale University (2022-2023) (Chair: Dr. Nita Ahuja)


Grace Chao, MD
Joshua Chao, MD
Stephanie Chen, MD
Jae Choi, MD
Lauren Curwick, MD
Teressa Duong
Macie Enman, MD
Amanda Fang, MD
Zhi Ven Fong, MD
Ahmad Hamad, MD
Meghna Katta
Jungeun Jasmine Lee, MD
William Lee, MD
Meixi Ma, MD
Kelsey Montgomery, MD
Sellers Swann
Thuy Tran, MD


Since its inception, the Society of Asian Academic Surgeons has been committed to the personal and career development of Asian academic surgeons. In keeping with this mission, the Society of Asian Academic Surgeons (SAAS) Foundation supports the SAAS Visiting Professor Program, the SAAS-Society of University Surgeons Promising Leaders Program, SAAS Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, and other important programs.

Donations can be made by individuals, industry, and/or departments.

Members who pledge/donate a cumulative amount of $100,000 will be named to the Dragon Circle.

Members who pledge/donate a cumulative amount of $50,000 will be named to the Tiger Circle.

Members who pledge/donate a cumulative amount of $10,000 level will be named to the Lotus Circle.

Associate and junior faculty members who pledge/donate a cumulative amount of $2,000 level will be named to the Mochi Circle.

Institutions who pledge/donate $2,000 per year will be named as an Institutional Sponsor.

If you are interested in pledging to the Foundation, please contact Herb Chen, SAAS Foundation President at herbchen@uab.edu.

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