Lotus Circle


Suresh Agarwal, MD
Herb Chen, MD (Hong Mo and Hsi Mei Chen Lectureship)
Dev Desai, MD
Lillian Kao, MD
Eugene S. Kim, MD
Clifford Ko, MD
Tien Ko, MD (Teh Ling and Yu Chen Ko Lectureship)
Paul Kuo, MD (Kuo Family Visiting Professorship)
Cheong J. Lee, MD
Michael Liang, MD
Nipun Merchant, MD (Merchant-Chodha Family Lectureship)
Kenric Murayama, MD
Julia Tchou, MD
Jennifer Tseng, MD (Raymond and Rose Tseng SAAS Lectureship)
Allan Tsung, MD (Pei-Nan and Lita Tsung Lectureship)
Kasper Wang, MD
Thomas Wang, MD (Peter and Meilin Wang Lectureship)
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH (Wen-Hain Wang SAAS Lectureship)
George Yang, MD (Mike and Faye Yang SAAS Lectureship)
City of Hope Department of Surgery
The University of Colorado Department of Surgery