ASC Research Award

The SAAS Academic Surgical Congress (ASC) Research Award is granted to the highest scoring abstract submitted by a SAAS member as either first or senior author at the Academic Surgical Congress.

Previous Recipients


Apoorve Nayyar, MD (Presenting author)
Kristalyn Gallagher, DO (Senior author)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Daniel (“Brock”) Hewitt, MD, MPH (Presenting author)
Anthony Yang, MD (Senior author)
Northwestern University


Syed Nabeel Zafar, MD (Presenting author)
Nabil Wasif, MD (Senior author)
Howard University


Jason Castellanos, MD (Presenting author)
Nipun Merchant, MD (Senior author)
University of Miami


Chris Goodenough, MD (Presenting author)
Michael Liang, MD (Senior author)
University of Texas – Houston

Jeffrey Yang, MD
Duke University